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British Army

"An excellent day's training; insightful, hands-on, well delivered. Led to a far better understanding of minority faiths, which in turn has improved our understanding of the customer: the potential recruit."

Liuetenant Colonel Darren Doherty, Commander Regional Recruiting South East & South (Reading)

"I am very pleased to say that your course was the most informative and well constructed that I have had the pleasure of attending. The main elements that struck the right notes were the practical hands on experiences - clothing, food, prayer, washing and so on - with well needed commentary. The passion and commitment were evident."

Glen Lindsay, British Army Darts Team

"Excellent training programme with an excellent helpful trainer that kept us engaged”."

Staff Sgt Robin Allen

"An excellent course with a very knowledgeable tutor. It met all of my aims."

Brigadier Neil Baverstock

"Excellent course with excellent activities. This was a good way from moving of the “Why” for Diversity to the “How”."

Lt Col David Hollas, MBE,Commander Regional Recruiting, 49(East) Brigade Midlands

"A good course. Definitely got a better insight into Asian life."

Col. Paul Farrar OBE, Colonel Army Recruiting, British Army

"Excellent tutor, excellent course and activities. This course was fantastic, very informative. Thank You."

Major Mel Pears. Recruiter, British Army, East Midlands

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