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Martin Baggs - CEO - Thames Water

Martin Baggs - Thames Water

"I must admit that within the first few minutes of the course I was embarressed to realise how little I really knew about Asian culture."

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Lt. Col. David Holais - British Army

Lt. Col. David Hollas - British Army

"As part of our broad recruiting operations into the UK communities, we were conscious that our Recruiting Sgts lacked the understanding and contextualisation of the Asian dimension ......"

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Kate Davis - NHS

Kate Davies - NHS Nottinghamshire County

"Sadi Khan is an inspirational leader and woman and I know that Noble Khan will be of great benefit for anyone who is to commission their work ......"

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Kathryn Riley -  Durance Limited

Kathryn Riley - Durance Limited

"Sadi of Noble Khan role models the cultural and diversity mindset ......"

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