"Complies with

     Citizenship Frameworks"


This course is designed to help those new to the UK develop an appreciation and basic understanding of British culture, without loosing their cultural or religious identity.

The content and format have been carefully structured and designed to help delegates gain an insight into British work, social life, as well as customs, manners and behaviours.

By using NLP coaching techniques and fun based practical’s, delegates are able to overcome any inhibitions or culturally challenging situations, they may be facing, while trying to adapt into the UK. By breaking down misconceptions delegates are able to confidently integrate into mainstream Britain.

The relevance of this course is far greater than just embracing British life. Delegates will gain a skill set that will allow them to unlock their potential and build a successful life within the UK.

Course Objectives

  • Understand UK work life
  • Recognise potential offensive behaviour
  • Challenge cultural perceptions and ignorance
  • Foster good communication skills to enhance social skills
  • Appreciate the importance of dignity and respect within British communities
  • Help accommodate reasonable adjustments within the workplace
  • Use interactive role-play to understand British social etiquette