"Complies with Diversity

     & Inclusion Frameworks"


This Course helps you mitigate your companies’ potential risk, against discrimination & harassment claims around religion, belief and culture within the work place. It helps you understand how to adopt a proactive response to the Equality Act 2010, and gives a fresh realistic, approach to work policies and procedures.

The content and format have been carefully structured and designed, to help delegates appreciate, understand and respect different people within the multicultural workplace. Though the course specialises in helping delegates to distinguish between Hindu, Muslim and Sikh communities, the concepts taught can be applied universally, to many religions, as well as all strands of diversity, dignity, respect and inclusion frameworks.

The high quality content, and NLP/coaching techniques used within the course, along with the fun based practicals, ensures delegates will leave, feeling empowered and confident, knowing they have enhanced their professional competence and skills.

The relevance of this course is far greater than just Asian Culture. The transferable skills delegates obtain, can be used for recruitment, induction, and sales to facilities and services for staff, customers and stakeholders.

Course Objectives

  • Understand how to distinguish different Cultures and Religions
  • Recognise potential offensive behavior
  • Challenge cultural perceptions and ignorance
  • Foster good communication skills to enhance customer service
  • Recognise how different religions relate to individuals
  • Appreciate the importance of dignity and respect in different cultures
  • Help accommodate reasonable adjustments within the workplace
  • Use interactive role-play to understand religious rituals, symbols and festivals