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     & Licensed by EDI"

About Noble Khan

Noble Khan is the UK’s only cultural awareness training centre licensed by EDI, the national awarding body responsible for setting vocational learning standards.


The company was established in November 2004, after the founder’s family members began experiencing religious and racial intolerance and cultural misunderstandings within the workplace. Undercover investigations and extensive market research indicated these misunderstandings lay on both sides of the racial plane and it was this that led to the formation of Noble Khan and its quality cultural training programmes.


Noble Khan is now recognised as a professional response to the demands, complexities and legalities of the 21st century, multicultural British workplace. Noble Khan helps organisations and individuals alike stay on the right side of the law - without pandering to political correctness.


The company helps you recognise, understand and talk to people from different cultures. It helps you foster good cultural and religious relationships within the workforce to ensure your staff works in a thriving, harmonious, multi-cultural arena, where morale rises and staff turnover drops. By using multi-cultural communication skills externally, staff can also deliver better customer service, increase sales and boost profits.


Noble khan’s philosophy works within the commercial business environment, within the Public Sector and within charitable or religious organisations. Training can be tailored for specific business sectors and with all delegates being assessed; you can see first-hand that Noble Khan delivers clear, measurable results.


"By working with Noble Khan you make a direct investment in your people, your clients, your public image and your future."


YO! Sushi and YOTEL:

"Little (Sadi) Khans cultural training programme is just so obvious that it belies belief that nobody has done it properly before – these are the sort of initiatives that actually change things"
Simon Woodroffe OBE, Founder of YO! Sushi and YOTEL