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Kent Police

"The programme, content and activities were excellent. The course was informative and relevant. Well presented."

Chris Collins (Diversity Manager)

"Excellent, programme, Excellent activities and Excellent content. The Tutor was very knowledgeable with a good style. I would recommend this course to others. Very informative, relevant and delivered in an enjoyable way. Thank You."

David Butterworth

"Excellent, Excellent, and Excellent. This course gave a better insight into Asian life; yes I would recommend the course to others."

David Mitchell

"Thank you a very interesting & Informative day, the tutor was very helpful and knowledgeable. "

Laura Costello

"The contents were excellent, with a very knowledgeable tutor, this was a very informative and relevant course, I would like to be informed of more courses. "

Anthony Turner

"Activities were Excellent, The Content was excellent and the course itself overall was excellent. The tutor was very knowledgeable and made the day very enjoyable. I definitely feel more confident in speaking to Asians. A very enjoyable course. I have learnt a lot and feel more knowledgeable. Thank You!! "

Michelle West

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